Sunday, 27 January 2013

Electronica 1 Added

I have always wanted one of these Elektronica 1 watches,i just never got around to finding an original one.To busy trying to find the more esoteric Russian types,[rather glad i am not chasing Rainbows anymore!].

These Elektronicas,were made in Minsk, at Integral Elektronic Factory,as an answer to the craze for digital quartz watches at the time,i.e Pulsar Spoon etc....

This is a nice original one with matching Bracelet,in very good condition,and of course keeping excellent time,would have been made in the 70`s.Very Retro....


  1. Good to see you back Russ! Had "your" cyrillic strela on the wrist yesterday, certainly no more bargains there ;-)

  2. yes sometimes you see a cheap one, usually the day or week after you paid what you thought was market value, usually about 2 or 3 times as much .... I got a few doubles that way that i don't really need ... :-/
    Still, cheap thrill or overpaid trinket, they are all fun to own!

  3. Great to hear the news about the Strela,Ralf,one of my favourite watches.

    Yes,i am lowering my sights,with regard to Russian watches,will be looking for interesting watches,very much at the cheaper end of the Russian spectrum.The good thing is,now things have settled down,i have regained my interest in them again.

  4. Always good to have the serotonin and dopamine levels in the old noggin at the right levels again ;-)

    I just found a 1935 Jaeger le Coultre airplane clock that as per Mark Gordon was the forebear of a whole series of Russian airplane and other types of working clocks. An interesting item, with the JLC logo, "fabrique en suisse" and slavic texts.

    Then a 1mwf 1938 shows up .... and a very nice and fairly priced gagarin ..... seller Safronov. He has another one, ssshhh, I told Boris also.

    So I have been drifting away from the lower priced items a bit .. in spite of all my good intentions. I did see a couple of nice komandirskies also though ;-)

    Greetings, Ralf