Thursday, 3 January 2013

Another 15j Hacking Sturmanskie Added.

As i have said,i am still very interested in Russian watches,i  have over 20 watches,and i am on the hunt for bargains,but i now have an extremely limited[ self imposed budget],of £30,so it has become a challenge,[to say the least]to add to my much reduced collection,but i aim to try.

One thing that may help me,apart from concentrating on the lesser calibre's is the fact that i still have a few spares for certain of the more sought after calibre's.
My favourite Russian watch has always been the Hacking 15j Sturmanskie,obviously the price of these has hit the stratosphere,i still have two,and have recently added the one pictured above,...and..., it was a bit of a bargain.

When i bought it,it was not working,i am afraid the dial has been clumsily  relumed,nothing i can do about that,it also had the wrong central seconds hand,a common problem.

The movement picture shows it is from 1/54,which is whithin the correct timeframe.

It was listed on e.bay,and did not receive a bid!,very curious,perhaps because of the relume,people thought it was a fake.
As you can see from the picture,i have repaired it,and replaced the central seconds hand and replaced the crown,another common problem.,it now keeps excellent time,very pleased with it.


  1. Great post. Amazing style I like this.

  2. That is a great looking watch. Congrats and kudos for bringing it back to life. These never did much for me but after I relieved Boris of his Gagarin, has become a favorrite for me as well. Still, I am limiting myself to just one.

  3. Thank you Ralf,i have always had a soft spot for them,this one has unfortunately been relumed,but i cant have everything.

    Excellent news about your own Sturmanskie and bought from Boris,a Gentleman. I beleive he has been selling a few watches recently,i hope everything is o.k.

    Best Regards,

    1. Boris is fine. He has been concentrating on chronos, strelas and OKEAHs. He has funded his acquisitons with letting go of his dress watches. I am sorely tempted by one of his ultrathin raketas but so far have not yielded to temptation.

      I actually picked up another gagarin shturmanskie. See post above. For the children's college fund ;-)

      Ralf (too lazy to log in properly)