Sunday, 27 January 2013

Electronica 1 Added

I have always wanted one of these Elektronica 1 watches,i just never got around to finding an original one.To busy trying to find the more esoteric Russian types,[rather glad i am not chasing Rainbows anymore!].

These Elektronicas,were made in Minsk, at Integral Elektronic Factory,as an answer to the craze for digital quartz watches at the time,i.e Pulsar Spoon etc....

This is a nice original one with matching Bracelet,in very good condition,and of course keeping excellent time,would have been made in the 70`s.Very Retro....

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Vostok Precision Added

I spoke in ann earlier post of looking for Russian watches for £30,well i went slightly over budget with this one,it cost £38,an absolute bargain.Its comforting to know there are still good deals out there.
The Vostok Precisions,are some of my favourite Russian Watches,and one of the most undervalued.
This is an export version,its in excellent condition,keeps excellent time,as a Chronometer should.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Vintage Seiko "Monaco"Flyback Chronograph Cal;7016-5020

This is the last of my incoming non-Russian watches.Comes all the way from Brazil,it is very welcome indeed.
This is the much rarer gold plated 7016-5020 "Monaco" Flyback Chronograph,made for the Japan market.
I have always wanted one,it screams Retro 1970`s to me,with its perfect original brown dial,and hands,[the hands often get replaced when they are "restored".As i say thankfully this still has its original lumed stick,faceted hands].When this watch was made it had the worlds thin est Automatic Movement.
Although the dial and hands have lost there luminosity,which i always find reassuring,[normally means the original lume is still present],If you buy a vintage watch,40/50 years old,would you not find it suspicious if the lume was still shining bright.
The watch keeps great time,chronograph operates pin perfect,its a lovely understated size,looks great on the wrist..

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Another 15j Hacking Sturmanskie Added.

As i have said,i am still very interested in Russian watches,i  have over 20 watches,and i am on the hunt for bargains,but i now have an extremely limited[ self imposed budget],of £30,so it has become a challenge,[to say the least]to add to my much reduced collection,but i aim to try.

One thing that may help me,apart from concentrating on the lesser calibre's is the fact that i still have a few spares for certain of the more sought after calibre's.
My favourite Russian watch has always been the Hacking 15j Sturmanskie,obviously the price of these has hit the stratosphere,i still have two,and have recently added the one pictured above,...and..., it was a bit of a bargain.

When i bought it,it was not working,i am afraid the dial has been clumsily  relumed,nothing i can do about that,it also had the wrong central seconds hand,a common problem.

The movement picture shows it is from 1/54,which is whithin the correct timeframe.

It was listed on e.bay,and did not receive a bid!,very curious,perhaps because of the relume,people thought it was a fake.
As you can see from the picture,i have repaired it,and replaced the central seconds hand and replaced the crown,another common problem.,it now keeps excellent time,very pleased with it.

A couple of Tag Heuer`s... Shock!!!

I still have a strong interest in Russian watches,but decided i needed a couple of more modern and robust watches,to wear everyday,they had to be of a reasonable size,i dont want to walk around with a house brick strapped to my wrist.

The 1st picture is of a Tag Heuer F1,Quartz from around late 1990`s,in perfect condition,with its original box,this type of Tag is becoming a bit of a style icon,and was one of the watches that got Tag Heuer back on the road to recovery a Gem.

The 2nd is a Tag Heuer 6000 Chronometer Automatic,it is the largest version they did,42mm including crown,in stainless,still wearing its original Croc` strap.This watch would have been made in about 2000,has all its paperwork and comes with its complete packaging.The movement is Ta Hueur cal;11 [ETA 2894-2].Keeps completely perfect time,and is quite nicely understated on the wrist.

After selling most of my collection,and not having a great amount of money to spend,i needed to find some watches to wear everyday,that i liked,and i perceived were a bit undervalued,and were not the size of a large Russian weightlifter,[a ghastly modern trend].I am very pleased with these two.