Friday, 16 November 2012

A Present From Mischa;Luch Ultrathin.

Some time ago,i helped a very knowledgeable Russian collector,Mischa,[a former Forum Moderator on]with some spares,i have done it before with other collectors,and certainly did not expect anything in return.
So,i was somewhat taken aback,and slightly overcome,to say the least,when the above virtually, N.O.S luch dropped through my letterbox,with its original packing box.
It is everything i love in a watch,understated in size and looks,with a truly beautiful textured dial.
I have not taken it off since i received it,i shall look after it and treasure it.
Thank You,Mischa.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Isaac Rosenberg. ;Break Of Day In The Trenches. Rememberence week.

Isaac Rosenberg
Isaac Rosenberg.1st World War Poet.;Died on the Somme 1st April 1918

Break of Day in the Trenches

The darkness crumbles away.
It is the same old druid Time as ever,
Only a live thing leaps my hand,
A queer sardonic rat,
As I pull the parapet's poppy
To stick behind my ear.
Droll rat, they would shoot you if they knew
Your cosmopolitan sympathies.
Now you have touched this English hand
You will do the same to a German
Soon, no doubt, if it be your pleasure
To cross the sleeping green between.
It seems you inwardly grin as you pass
Strong eyes, fine limbs, haughty athletes,
Less chanced than you for life,
Bonds to the whims of murder,
Sprawled in the bowels of the earth,
The torn fields of France.
What do you see in our eyes
At the shrieking iron and flame
Hurled through still heavens?
What quaver – what heart aghast?
Poppies whose roots are in man's veins
Drop, and are ever dropping;
But mine in my ear is safe –
Just a little white with the dust.