Thursday, 30 August 2012

White Dial Sekonda Paddle Handed Strela Added.

                                                  1st picture on new strap and cleaned

I have been looking for One of these paddle handed Sekondas,for a very long time.Normally when they come up for sale,they are very expensive,[in my view,for good reason,as i think they, along with the Poljot version are the most cosmetically attractive].
Unusually for me,i bought this from a British seller,whenever i have bought from British or European sellers before,it has not been a positive experience,[that's why i prefer Eastern European sellers,who,99% of the time are honest].
When dealing with British or European sellers,there seems to be an unwritten rule,that if you can in some way fudge the description or ``omit`` to mention faults with the watch,it is not deception on the sellers part,but down to the buyers not asking the ``RIGHT``,questions.Incredible!.
That's why if ever i have to sell a watch,i try to be as honest,and give as much information as possible.
Having said all of this,i am very pleased with this sought after Sekonda.
It is very original,hard to explain,but has the right feel to it.
Movement is from 1965/66 which ties in with Sekonda early production.
It is in outstanding cosmetic condition,keeps good time,chronograph functions as it should and nothing has been tampered with,[unusual for one of these].
It even has its original crown,and all though not cheap,was at the low end of what they now sell for.
But.......and it is a small but,the seller neglected to mention the crown is not setting correctly....A simple repair,but not a great victory for honesty.


  1. These are sweet. the white dialed paddle handed strelas were my least favourites, until I got one, relatively cheap, from a seller in France. He had also "omitted" that the movement was of an earlier built date than the actual watch. He did menton that the spring setting lever was faulty and that you have to keep tugging the crown to set the watch. These are really beautiful and now is my favourite, go figure! I can live with the non-original movement and tugging the crown, as I paid a lot less than what they go for when "numbers matching." I actually did secure a spring setting lever, from a seller in Australia. I can have that put in if I ever need to send the watch for service or repair. At the moment I just keep pulling the cronw when I have to set it.

  2. Many thanks Ralph,
    Yes it is anoying when sellers omit to mention faults
    I will be getting the setting lever repaired by Steve at a future date.
    As you say,they are lovely watch..(great minds think alike)!
    BTW,you are building up quite a collection.

    1. Hi Russ,

      Apologies for the impromptu message but I noticed your expertise on your forum and hope to ask for your help with a watch I have.

      My father recently passed away and upon looking through his belongings I was happy to find a watch that I could myself wear in his memory.

      Now I believe it is a Strela/ Sekonda 3017 model with a white face but I know nothing about watches - I would just like to get it fully restored/ working.

      Would you be able to help me with the best person to speak to with regards to this watch? It currently doesn't work but this could be due to it having been in a drawer for a number of years - how can I check if it works/ does it need winding or a battery? Do you know what colour strap is genuine (ideally I would use a brown/ tan strap but maybe the black strap is the original it just doesn't look too strong nowadays!)

      Also, as I am hoping to wear this often I would like to insure it, do you know what value I should attach to it?


      Apologies about the awful photo, the lighting isn't great :-)

      Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate your help.


    2. Hello Sam,
      I am sorry to hear of your Father passing away. What a lovely idea to get his watch going again,and to wear it,in his memory.

      Unfortunately,i can not open the link you have supplied,so can only talk in general terms.

      Russian watches vary in value,from a few pounds to thousands. As an example the one pictured in this story,[white dialled paddle handed Strela],can fetch any where from £250 up to £5/600 pounds,depending on condition.

      I have always sent my watches to Steve Burrage of Rytetime,[link to his site on the links sestion,on the right hand side of this blog],I have just today,received a trench watch back from Steve,he has done a remarkable job on getting it going again.If it turned out that you wanted to get your Fathers watch repaired,you would have to speak to steve yourself,[he really is a very nice man],to find out the costs involved.

      I am sorry to sound a bit vague,but until i see what the watch is,i cant say to much.

      Very Best Regards,

  3. Thank you for replying - I'm glad you understand my reasoning behind it, plus I have always been looking for a watch I just guess this one happens to also mean a lot to me too now.
    Sorry I don't know how to upload a photo, but here's another link
    Fingers crossed it works and sorry for the photo quality. What do you think it would cost to service, and how can I check if it just needs 'winding' or something simple to get it going :-)
    Thanks! Sam

  4. Sorry Sam,i still can not open it. Try sending me an e.mail at

    Cost is hard to say,you would have to contact Steve.Roughly speaking for chronograph service,about £130,thats if it does not need any spares,which can be problematic with Russian watches.Around £60 for basic manual wind without any complication.

    If it is a manual wind,and not a quartze,a gentle wind of the crown,and a gentle shake/rocking can start sleeping watches.