Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Further Vostok Precision [cal;2809] Added.

Just received this lovely Vostok Precision,off one of the many trusted sellers,i use from Ukraine.
Keeping quite exceptional time,and very original,with,in this instance,a non Cyrillic dial.
Its in excellent condition[slight wear to the dial].
Although prices for these understated watches are still reasonable,It is becoming increasingly difficult to find Vostok or volna cal;2809 in this condition,they tend to get ``cosmetically upgraded`` rather allot,by hopefull sellers.


  1. Fabulous! It seems that these are even harder to find in unmolested conditon than Strelas! And just about every case seems really worn and horrid. Got one - now obvious - redial myself from one of the more salubrious sellers on the 'bay, but picked up a nice Almaz with a grandfather-style gold plated bracelet the other day. The Lady of the Manor pulled such a face whilst beholding the bracelet that it has since been replaced by a leather strop. Will prolly give it a runout tomorrow, may put it on the WRUW thread some time this week. It is nowhere as nice as this one ..... but only cost $30 :-)

  2. Hello Ralf,
    Its lovely to hear from you.
    Yes,thank you,the precisions are one of my favourite Russian types,it always amazes me how accurate they still are,after all the years of probable lack of servicing.
    I am sorry to hear about the redial,it is understandable,though i suppose,as the original dials,particularly Volna,do seem to suffer from ``patina``.
    Great news about the Almaz,An excellent price Too,[i still have not got one],lookforward to seeing it on WRUW.
    Best regards,

    1. Got another runout today. My own collectoin has been growing, perhaps reaching the saturation point at a little over a hundred, which means that they each get worn only about 3 times a year, which seems a bit of a shame, although there are a few watches that I still yearn for.

  3. Very nice Russ, and in such lovely condition! I am still looking :)
    all the best Martin

  4. Hello Martin,Lovely to hear from you,i hope you and your famiily are well.
    Thank you,yes i am very pleased with it,they are still about at a relatively reasonable price,i bought this one under the e.bay offer process,[£60].
    Good luck on your search.
    Best Regards,