Thursday, 30 August 2012

White Dial Sekonda Paddle Handed Strela Added.

                                                  1st picture on new strap and cleaned

I have been looking for One of these paddle handed Sekondas,for a very long time.Normally when they come up for sale,they are very expensive,[in my view,for good reason,as i think they, along with the Poljot version are the most cosmetically attractive].
Unusually for me,i bought this from a British seller,whenever i have bought from British or European sellers before,it has not been a positive experience,[that's why i prefer Eastern European sellers,who,99% of the time are honest].
When dealing with British or European sellers,there seems to be an unwritten rule,that if you can in some way fudge the description or ``omit`` to mention faults with the watch,it is not deception on the sellers part,but down to the buyers not asking the ``RIGHT``,questions.Incredible!.
That's why if ever i have to sell a watch,i try to be as honest,and give as much information as possible.
Having said all of this,i am very pleased with this sought after Sekonda.
It is very original,hard to explain,but has the right feel to it.
Movement is from 1965/66 which ties in with Sekonda early production.
It is in outstanding cosmetic condition,keeps good time,chronograph functions as it should and nothing has been tampered with,[unusual for one of these].
It even has its original crown,and all though not cheap,was at the low end of what they now sell for.
But.......and it is a small but,the seller neglected to mention the crown is not setting correctly....A simple repair,but not a great victory for honesty.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Further Vostok Precision [cal;2809] Added.

Just received this lovely Vostok Precision,off one of the many trusted sellers,i use from Ukraine.
Keeping quite exceptional time,and very original,with,in this instance,a non Cyrillic dial.
Its in excellent condition[slight wear to the dial].
Although prices for these understated watches are still reasonable,It is becoming increasingly difficult to find Vostok or volna cal;2809 in this condition,they tend to get ``cosmetically upgraded`` rather allot,by hopefull sellers.