Saturday, 7 July 2012

Another Early Okeah Restored/ Repaired

Above photo`s,are of another Okeah,i have restored,this is an early one,note the small case type Okeah print on the dial.It also has a nice early movement,with all of the usual pointers,[grey gear wheels being the most prominent],it now keeps perfect time,chronograph functions as it should.
The picture below,is of the Okeah,before restoration,note the dial indices have been put on the wrong way and relumed.[An example of someones previous attempt at restoration?]
I had a terrible job trying to get the wrong indices off and putting the correct ones on,not a job i wish to repeat.
As you can see from the first restored photo the indices i have put on,could do with reluming,i have left them original though,i much prefer the slightly battered look,compared to the  over restoration that some insist on.
Overall very happy with the result.A watch with Character and Russian Naval History.

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