Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another 1st MWF Okeah [Reissue] Repaired/ restored

This is another watch i have been meaning to repair for some time,the dial has some ageing,but is acceptable.It needed a small seconds hand,a couple of pushers and a resetting lever on the movement,I still have a few spares left so affected the repairs myself.
Although the case is stainless,this is a later reissue,the movement has the later single piece reset lever.
As i have already said,i still have a very small selection of spares.
Several years ago,i was lucky enough to drop onto a collection of extremely battered,incomplete 3133`s including Okeah`s,thankfully,i had the luck to purchase them.
I am extremely pleased with the result,and am wearing the watch at the moment,keeping perfect time,chronograph functioning as it should.
Below is a picture of the now meagre spares supply..

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