Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Franken Of The Week. Sputnik.

There seems to have been an influx recently of Sputnik Frankens of all types.
This particular version is a Franken of The extremely rare Sputnik award watch.
Compare with my original pictured below. They are becoming more difficult to tell apart from earlier more clumsy versions.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Another Early Okeah Restored/ Repaired

Above photo`s,are of another Okeah,i have restored,this is an early one,note the small case type Okeah print on the dial.It also has a nice early movement,with all of the usual pointers,[grey gear wheels being the most prominent],it now keeps perfect time,chronograph functions as it should.
The picture below,is of the Okeah,before restoration,note the dial indices have been put on the wrong way and relumed.[An example of someones previous attempt at restoration?]
I had a terrible job trying to get the wrong indices off and putting the correct ones on,not a job i wish to repeat.
As you can see from the first restored photo the indices i have put on,could do with reluming,i have left them original though,i much prefer the slightly battered look,compared to the  over restoration that some insist on.
Overall very happy with the result.A watch with Character and Russian Naval History.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another 1st MWF Okeah [Reissue] Repaired/ restored

This is another watch i have been meaning to repair for some time,the dial has some ageing,but is acceptable.It needed a small seconds hand,a couple of pushers and a resetting lever on the movement,I still have a few spares left so affected the repairs myself.
Although the case is stainless,this is a later reissue,the movement has the later single piece reset lever.
As i have already said,i still have a very small selection of spares.
Several years ago,i was lucky enough to drop onto a collection of extremely battered,incomplete 3133`s including Okeah`s,thankfully,i had the luck to purchase them.
I am extremely pleased with the result,and am wearing the watch at the moment,keeping perfect time,chronograph functioning as it should.
Below is a picture of the now meagre spares supply..

1st MWF 23j Automatic Restored/ Repaired

I have had this lovely Poljot Automatic,from the 70`s/80`s,hanging about for awhile,it came to me incomplete,amongst some other watches which i had bought for spares.I have now had a sort out and put some hands and crown on,and it is now running perfectly.The above pictures are before;

 The above pictures are after repair/restoration,will be going in my odds and sodds section.