Monday, 4 June 2012

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date,

I purchased this Rolex,last Christmas,i am not normally interested in anything non-Russian.
Once i had satisfied myself,it was original,I bought it from the junk/second hand shop,that had it for sale.
Although it was not working,it was extremely cheap.
Once i got it home,i managed to get it going.
Though it functioned erratically,it had obviously been well worn,there was an 1957 inscription on the back,and the lume had been rather clumsily re-done.
But when i thought about ,it ticked all of my preferences,it was from that 50`s,era of lovely understatement,[Not the Ghastly modern Rolex ``taste``],it had its use and history written all over it.
So,i decided to send it to Steve Burrage,who,once again worked miracles,it keeps completely perfect time,as a Chronometer Should.
Both serial numbers are present ,between both lugs,Model no` is 6534 and Rolex movement is the renowned cal;1030.
When i bought it,it had a cheap plastic ,worn strap,with its Rolex buckle on!
It has gone in the ``Odd`s and Sodd`s`` section of the blog,i wear it regularly and best of all everyone loves a nice surprise at Christmas... 


  1. Why is it called "perpetual date"? Does it mean that this watch has a perpetal calendar (with correct change of date on February etc.)?

  2. Hello,
    No,if you look at the watch ,it does not have a monthly or yearly complication.It is an Automatic watch with date,chronometer grade.