Friday, 22 June 2012

14k Gold Poljot [1st MWF] watches back from service.

One of the problems of owning a collection of watches is maintenance,despite Russian watches being virtually bomb proof,even they still need an occasional service.
I love the rose gold colour of the Russian Gold,very easy to wear..


  1. Since I own a golden Wolna myself I ask myself where this gold comes from. In the fifties the Soviets dug for gold on many places in the permafrost north east of Sibiria, especially near the Kolyma river, using the manpower of thousands of prisoners of GULAGs. They officially worked until -50°C (-58°F, Solzhenizyn). So, perhaps the gold of these watches has not only a colour but also it's own history.

  2. Hello,
    Yes you have a valid point,but then taking your argument further,i think gold mining in is tainted,full stop.If you look at gold mining in South Africa,South America and other major mining areas,its history is littered with abuse of workers and use of indigenous people as slaves.