Sunday, 29 April 2012

1st MWF 7j Type1 Received.

Just received this early type 1 [1937],crown replaced,it is showing its use,age and history with pride,something i love,patina is every thing in these watches.As i have said before,i am not a collector that needs Russian watches to be in artificially perfect condition,with every dot,lume and serif type to be gone over and recorded,i leave that to others.As long as the watches in my collection are original,apart from high wear items such as crowns etc,i am happy.

This watch was a bit of a bargain.Type 1`s, are not every ones cup of tea, all this history for £35.
This watch was made at the 1st MWF [Poljot],just before the second world war,still keeps great time,it is a large watch,[think pocket watch with lugs,which is what it is],unlike the other type 1 ,just purchased,[Paratroopers],it is not a comfortable wearer.Just wish i could know some of its history.

A great addition to the collection.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2nd MWF 15j ``Paratroopers`` watch [Type1]

Just received this Rare type 1 from 2nd MWF,bought off an extremely trusted seller,from Ukraine.These watches are known as ``paratroopers watch``,these watches come up rarely,the black dial still has a fair proportion of its Radium paint,[hand painted],with its radium hands,this watch is very original.It also has a number,again hand painted, on the dial.
I have never been sure,along with other type1 examples in my collection,whether these numbers on the dial,[hand painted or embossed] are issue numbers.
A very welcome addition to the collection,also very easy to wear and see.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

A couple of type 1`s in transit.

I have been more drawn to the Russian watches from 50`s 60`s and 70`s.But,i have always had a soft spot for the earlier watch period,particularly,the basic,15 and 17j type 1`s.
I have not added to my collection from this era,for some time,mainly because of availability of original watches,[a lot of frankens out there], at a reasonable price.
I have just purchased a couple of type 1`s,[one is particularly rare],at bargain prices.
I bought the watches,off trusted sellers from Ukraine,under the e.bay offer process,i will update when they arrive.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Repair to Extremely Rare Sputnik Award watch.


Unfortunately i will have to effect a repair to the extremely Rare Sputnik Award watch [1],which has a broken balance.Unfortunately finding spares for this watch is not easy,so i have had to purchase another Sputnik type,2, in poor condition,sellers pictures,for £18,to effect a repair.I really dont like braking watches,but sometimes needs must.