Saturday, 31 March 2012

Early Volna Precision

I am always on the lookout to increase my collection of Volna/Vostok precisions.This particular version,is a very early one 2nd quarter 1959.Cal;2809.This particular dial version has been on my wish list for a long time,unfortunately,most of this dial type that comes up for sale,have deteriorated very badly.This version is also unusual,in that,it has the manufacturers information at the top and bottom of the dial.The watch was cheap and an absolute bargain.

I bought this watch of an extremely trusted seller from Armenia,thank You Mari.Several weeks Before i bought this watch,i had contacted Mari,asking if i could purchase a spare part i was searching for,when i received the watch,the spare part was included as a gift.I was overwhelmed.


  1. Hey.I have Volna Precision I want to sell,exchange.

  2. Give your e-mail I'll send photos of watches Volna Precision