Saturday, 31 March 2012

Early Volna Precision

I am always on the lookout to increase my collection of Volna/Vostok precisions.This particular version,is a very early one 2nd quarter 1959.Cal;2809.This particular dial version has been on my wish list for a long time,unfortunately,most of this dial type that comes up for sale,have deteriorated very badly.This version is also unusual,in that,it has the manufacturers information at the top and bottom of the dial.The watch was cheap and an absolute bargain.

I bought this watch of an extremely trusted seller from Armenia,thank You Mari.Several weeks Before i bought this watch,i had contacted Mari,asking if i could purchase a spare part i was searching for,when i received the watch,the spare part was included as a gift.I was overwhelmed.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Repaired Strelas [Cyrillic and Black dial] received From Steve Burrage.

Just received the two Strelas back from repair From Steve,as usual he has done a quite miraculous job.
The watches are keeping perfect time and the chronograph functions are working as they should.
Cyrillic Strela has the original rounded lug case and would have been manufactured 1962.The small chrono pointer has been replaced,i have left it unpainted,as its easier for me to see.Some collectors get completely anal about these things,going on at length about font sizes,hand sizes nausea.
I am more interested in the history and to be able to make a classic watch usable/wearable again,rather than worring about,[in my opinion],pointless detail.
The black dialled Sekonda,manufactured 1966,again has had the small chrono pointer replaced,along with other parts,[crown],again,i have not repainted it,for the same reason as the cyrillic,it is easier for me to see,and wear.
I will not be carrying out anymore Strela restorations,it is becoming increasingly difficult,to source spares,particularly Paddle hands.If you do see spares for sale they are becoming too expensive to justify purchase.
Two great new additions to the collection.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New strap for 15j Shturmanskie.

Just received this new/vintage strap from David of the vintage strap shop [i have just updated my favourite links section,with Davids address],i am very impressed.I don`t like bulky watches or straps,this is just perfect,it is a nato type and compliments the Sturmanskie perfectly and is of excellent quality.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Original 15j Hacking Shturmanskie.

Just received this 15j Sturmanskie,[my favourite Russian watch],off a great seller from Uzbekistan,[received the watch within 4 days of payment],thank you Alexander.
This watch is in superb original condition,it really is becoming increasingly difficult to find examples of these iconic watches,in this condition,they have either been redialled or retouched.
This beautiful example ,has its original number lume,still working,also note the original pillow crown and blued hands.
Keeps great time,hack function works as it should.
I shall be sourcing a more complementary strap soon.
A great watch off a great seller.

Zarja [Dawn] Womens Divers Watch

I have been looking for one of these Zarjas for a while,price of them seems to have shot up.This one was cheap,mainly because of the discoloured bezel.It is a ``proper`` divers,has a screw down crown,one quirk,is that the thread for the crown,is opposite to normal[left hand],this fact just adds to its charm.Keeps stunning time,this watch was bought of a trusted seller from Ukraine.