Sunday, 29 January 2012

Siegfried Sassoon.

Its very welcome to see, the Poem i posted, commemorating remembrance Sunday [11.11.11],
 Aftermath,by Siegfried Sassoon.

It Has been one of the most popular posts for several weeks now.

This very moving  poem , by the consummate 1st world war poet, conveys perfectly ,the abject  futility, of that  war, to end all wars.

Every time i read it , it fills me with emotion, and i will never forget.


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Repaired ``Strela`` and Poljot Amphibia returned.

Great to have these two returned,from Stephen Burrage,at Rytetime,as usual he has done a miraculous job.
I posted some time ago about the Strela.
I had sent it to Steve, after,i had managed to source enough parts,out of my spares bin,to repair/restore it.
As usual Steve has done a fantastic job,it now works perfectly,chronograph works as it should,keeps quite excellent time.The one non original item,is the small seconds hand,which had to be sourced else where,i am very pleased with the result,i love these plain dialled 3017`s,and its another old campaigner saved.
The very Rare Poljot Amphibia,has again been restored to originality,over time.
You may remember i posted about how i fitted correct hands and relumed them,in a previous post.
I sent it to Steve,primarily,because it had never run correctly,so,needed a service,but when Steve started to delve into it,he found that at sometime in the past,the dial had been stuck on!.With great patience and skill,he managed to remove the dial,without damaging it,and has now reattached it correctly,after service,it is now running and keeping time perfectly.This particular Poljot would have been made in a small batch,rite at the end of Poljot production,so who knows,what could have been happening at the factory at the time.

Okeah And 300m Vostok Amphibia with new boots.

Just put some more suitable straps on the Okeah and Vostok.The Okeah came on an original Stainless Poljot Period strap,trouble is i don't like metal straps,so changed over to this slightly sudden,but very comfortable tan leather strap.
The Vostok,was,slightly more difficult,in that there are not many suitable 22mm straps to fit it,in the end i have settled on a very ``military`` but,again comfortable,leather NATO type strap.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Original Stainless Steel Okeah received.

I did not expect to win this,it was due to finish on German e.bay,in the middle of Christmas Day,so,i just left a bid a couple of days before,more in hope than expectation.
When i received it of the charming seller i was overjoyed,[the pictures were not that clear],it is an original Okeah,note orange Crono` hands and steel chrono` wheel on movement[[No`;1870],the case is Stainless.
The condition is just how i like iconic watches such as this to be,the dial has age and some lume loss,it has also had the crown replaced at some time,keeps excellent time,Chronograph functions as it should.Its got its history written all over it.
An absolute joy.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Vostok Amphibia 300m Wire Lugs

Vostok 300m Amphibia [Wire lugs],Grail arrives.
There seems to have been quit a bit of interest in this watch ,as it was drawn to my attention,i read with weary resignation, some of the  comment on a watch forum.It just reinforces my view,that,although they offer a wealth of kowledgable informed members,theres always a small minority of the ill informed,who often talk about nothing,[at length!],and use it, as an unwitting showcase,for there own narrow prejudices,that's why i tend to keep away from most of them.

I bought this watch off a great seller[,thank you Slava],whom i have happily bought off before.we came to an understanding that was amicable to both sides.

When i received the watch ,i was overwhelmed by its complete,originality,it was much heavier than my other amphibias,because of its much more substantial construction,much thicker crystal and case back for example,the wire lugs are 22mm in width, the watch is on a temporary strap,until i can source better.
Overall condition,is truly exceptional,keeps excellent time,looks truly stunning on the wrist,the thicker crystal,seems to emphasise that hand painted jewel of a dial.

These watches were originaly military issue,[possibly only 200,in number].Extremely Rare.