Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year.

An early happy New Year,as i will be to far gone later on.
I hope everyone has a great 2012.
Best Regards,
Russ Cook.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Another Grail Arriving Soon.

I am looking forward to receiving another one of my absolute grails,will post pictures when it arrives.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Poljot cal;31659 Hacking Sturmanskie [Reissue] Added.

Recently received this 31659 cal` Stainless, Hacking Sturmanskie Reissue from a great seller in Finland.It was actually advertised as cal;3133 [without picture of movement] with the chronograph not functioning as it should.I took a chance on buying it ,because it was a very reasonable price and was worth the gamble of it being a 31659 cal,which i have wanted for awhile.This type of case came in Cal`31659,form,i have also,however, seen a 3133 cal` installed.

I was obviously overjoyed when i received it to find the Late, cal;31659 installed,as i have said before i can do minor repairs,in this case,resetting the hands manually, and adjusting the movement cam screws to get the chronograph functioning correctly,[i notice the small chrono` hand is still slightly out,i will readjust].

The watch is in excellent condition,with stainless case,keeps excellent time,as i say it is a later reissue,[later movement,Original dial would have been greyer].It just goes to show,if you have a limited budget,as i have,you can still find a real bargain,if you have patience and a little knowledge.

P.S. My thanks to Boris,you are correct it should have the winged Large chrono hand.......for some reason my memory convinced me that this version could have both types of Large chrono hand to be original........i actually looked for one with this hand version!....I still love the watch though,everything else is good.

Regards Russ.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cyrillic Poljot Amphibian Diver Added.

Just received this Poljot Amphibia,from a charming Russian seller.I am slowly building up quite a collection of Amphibia`s,i find them very easy to wear,[Not to big,one of my bug bares!].This i an automatic,cal;2616,keeps quite exceptional time.It has the Cyrillic dial and quite a plain caseback,compared to some of my others,the text on the caseback reads` Water resistant.`
I am very pleased with It.