Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Brace Of Sputniks.

Just received these 1st MWF [Poljot] Sputniks,its becoming very hard to find original ones now.So a big thanks must go to Robert Prochowicz,for being such an honest seller,[check out Roberts great collection in my favourite links section].
They are in great overall condition,keeping excellent time,i have been after an original Sputnik,at a reasonable price for some time,[i had to sell one i had before and always regretted it],so,it was a very pleasant surprise to end up with two.
They were, of course,made to commemorate the successful launch of the Sputnik satellite in October 1957.
Great additions to the collection.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Another Poljot 3017 [Strela] Chronograph,For Restoration/Repair.

I have said before,i had a collection of parts and incomplete 3017 chronograph watches,which i had accumulated over the years,i have used various parts to keep other 3017`s going,i did make another 3017 up from parts,as reported on previously[a lot of hassle!],i have also donated parts to collectors who were in need.
I have now managed to locate and bring together all of my parts collection,and decided to make a complete Chronograph,for restoration.The watch is running,all be it,erratically, the chronograph function is not working correctly,the wath would have been manufatured circa 1973..
I will be tentatively sending the watch to Steve at Rytetime,as usual, for repair,and no doubt testing his good nature once again,[in a good way],he has become used to me sending him complete, basket cases.
This will be an ongoing project,and will not be finished in a hurry,will report on progress over time.