Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Raketa 22j Ultrathin [2209] Received

Just received this Bargain Raketa Ultrathin,the prices of these cal 2209 Raketas are starting to creep up.[i missed out on an earlier auction because the price reached a ridiculous level,].

So i left a small bid on this one,imagine my extremely pleasant  surprise,when i ended up winning it for £31. In fact, it was such a bargain,i thought perhaps i had missed something and it was not what it seemed,so i checked up on some old catalogues for reference[picture included],and it is indeed original,just like my other 2209`s.
The condition is quite excellent, [just small plate loss to rear of lugs],winds and sets beautifully,keeps exceptional time.Just goes to show,there are still bargains out there.

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