Sunday, 15 May 2011

Divers Get New Boots.

I seem to have taken to the various forms of Russian Divers,[a few examples pictured],this surprises me,because i have always been attracted to the more understated,dress type of Russian watch,[Automatics,Precisions and 3017`s],I think its the divers modest size and ease of reading.
As i am wearing them so much,i decided to buy some new straps for them,i have always preferred leather straps,but decided to go for rubber.
When the straps arrived i was pleasantly surprised,they were of a lovely soft type of rubber,so,very easy to wear.
99%,of the time when ever i require a new strap,i go to the same supplier,   i have found there straps to have been of a consistent good quality,and service has been 1st class.
I intend to buy some more of the same type,to put on my Vostok Amphibia swing lugs.

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