Monday, 9 May 2011

Another Poljot Amphibian Diver Added.

Recently received this Poljot amphibian Diver.Great condition,as you will see,from my others,this has a slightly different case and dial configuration,[lume has been applied by hand] There were several versions of this Poljot Diver,all quite rare,This version is original and correct with 2616 cal automatic movement.One unusual aspect is the raised metal peg,on case back that locates into provided hole on movement holder.I have tried to show this in pictures.This is uncommon on other Russian watch designs.
The charming dolphin design on case back is featured on other versions,but not all.It is not present on my other two versions,who`s case backs are plain,[including the Dolphin dialled version,surprisingly].
One of the reasons,i became interested in the Poljot and vostok divers,was the fact that they were a nice wearable size,unlike some of the modern swiss versions,wich are the size of wardrobes,and about as subtle.One of my pet hates.


  1. A lovely looking diver, Russ. I really like the black and green colours.
    Another one to add to my 'wants' list.



  2. Many Thanks Brendan,Yes, i am very pleased with it.