Saturday, 12 March 2011

Poljot Amphibia Received

Just received this Poljot Amphibia,Many Thanks must go to Steve,the seller of the Dolphin,for the kind heads up on this watch for sale on e.bay,a very kind courtesy.I was surprised how cheaply it went,its very original,there were several versions of this watch,see Dimitrys excellent site,listed on my favourite links section, he has most of them.This one has the yellow numbered bezel,it also has the cal 2627 H movement,this is correct.Most had the cal 2616 H fitted.Its not in perfect condition,in fact i originally bought it to use as spares for my other Poljot Amphibia,[i am going to use the central seconds hand,because it needs reluming,which i am going to do myself,hopefully!,it will be relumed white,i have another central seconds hand coming that is already lumed the correct shade of green,so is ideal.i will be updating when received.Anyway a great addition to the collection.

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