Monday, 21 February 2011

Had to Sell A Couple

As i have said before,i have to work within a limited budget,so,thankfully rarely,i have to sell watches.
This time its to pay for some maintenance on some of the rest of my collection,[one of the problems of having to many watches].
I like to be able to wear all of my collection,as and when,so, like to keep them in optimum working condition,With Many thanks to Steve Burrage.
I normally sell on e.bay,thankfully,both buying and selling, i have found the experience,on the whole,to be pretty painless.
Happily the Cyrillic Strela has gone to a very,very good friend,and knowledgeable Russian watch collector, i met through the Watchuseek forum and the Black dialled Strela has gone to a new Russian Watch collector,who,is building up an impressive,iconic collection,they have both been a pleasure to deal with and are absolute gentlemen.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Another Raketa Ultra Thin 2209 Received.

I have mentioned before, how i love these underrated Raketas,the cal` 2209 is a little jewel of a movement,although a slightly troublesome one. This watch is in excellent condition,would have been made 60/70`s.
You can still find these watches,relatively easily,although they are becoming harder to find in good condition,and prices are creeping up slightly,they do look great on the wrist though.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Poljot Amphibia [Dolphin] For Restoration Received.

Just Received this Rare Poljot Amphibia Dolphin Diver,from the late 80`s.Bought of a very nice chap,thank you Steve.I bought this watch with my eyes fully open,with a view to restoration.Several of these Poljots have come onto the market over the last year,all with Okeah casebacks,i can only think there has been a supply put together out of spares,or even in the later and last stages of factory production,they were put together at the factory?.Who Knows.
But, i have decided to restore,does`nt really matter how long it takes.Luckily i have an original plain caseback for this watch,which i will fit.The large central seconds hand is wrong,difficult to find another,Juri Levenberg produces a new watch with the required hand,i contacted his company,i got a pleasantly prompt response back, to say he didn't have any spare hands.I am now pursuing a lead in Poland.
The rest off the watch is original,including cal 2627 Automatic movement,the crown does not screw down.
I will update over the coming months.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Vostok Amphibian Diver. Swing Lugs. Received.

Just received this Vostok Amphibia diver with swing lugs,case type 350,round case with 2209 movement made in the 1980`s,the same watch is featured on Mark Gordons excellent site.
Whilst not being a great fan of all Amphibias,i have always had a liking for these swing lugs version and liking something is important to me,because i only buy Russian watches i like and can wear,normally divers are right of the menu,because of there vast bulk,[an unfortunate modern trend],but this one sits beautifully on the wrist,keeps quite exceptional time.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Sportivnie Refurbished.

I have had this sportivnie for many years,unfortunately,i used the central seconds hand for another project,[a common fate for sportivnie watches],i have been meaning to return it to its former glory for some time,so as soon as a supply of central seconds hands became available to me,one of them was destined for this watch.
I think the Sportivnie is very under rated [and  undervalued],so are a good area to start a themed Russian collection.This of course ,has the 1st MWF,17j cal 2634 3rd Q 56.