Friday, 14 January 2011

1st MWF Sturmanskie 3133 Stainless "Issued" Watch Added.

Just received this Stainless Sturmanskie cal, 3133.I have said before that these 3133 chronographs are not my favourite Russian watches,[i have had maintenance issues before,that probably coloured my judgement],but,this watch,has partly restored my faith in the 3133`s.

Among the many versions of the 3133 cal` you can get,[this is a reissue]these airforce ones are my favourite,i already have one,but that has the older two piece reset lever,this one has the newer single piece reset lever.[Hence reissue]

I bought this off a new seller on e.bay,for a very reasonable price,the listing pictures were poor,there was no movement shot,so it was a bit of a gamble,but the seller was extremely honest,[he also dispatched it in record time].

When first received,i realised why there was no movement shots,the caseback was extremely difficult to get off,after persevering,imagine what a pleasant surprise,to find an issue mark of 4Q-88[i know they are faked,but this is original].Also note Production number under 10000,another sign of originality.

Now i am the first to admit that i wasn't aware that the Russians ever had Military issue marks,but i have since seen on Mark Gordons excellent site,that he has a couple of issued Sturmanskie`s listed,I also remember sometime ago Tammo answered questions on a forum,confirming,the Russians used Military Issue marks on Sturmanskies,unfortunately,i can`t reference it.

I have to admit,that if you want pristine NOS watches this is not the watch for you,it has lots of wear and years of dirt on,but that just adds to its charm,there is a slight anomaly with the crown at 9,as,unlike the other stainless crown and pusher,it is,very worn ,chromed brass,probably a replacement,could even be original,who knows what was used at 1st MWF at the time.
It keeps exceptional time and chronograph functions work perfectly[which is a miracle,going on past experience!].
I am extremely pleased with it,and as ever with any watches i have with patina,will not be doing any restoration.

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