Friday, 21 January 2011

Russian Watch Literature/Reference Books.

Well,its a bit of a desert out there,reference books wise,i have listed below the Russian watch books i own,so feel able to comment on.

The most prolific author is Mr.Juri Levenberg,you may have encountered his name before on various watch forums,some seem to have a problem with him.I DON`T.I am extremely thank full to him for taking the time to produce these books, in the past.I still use them all the time,for reference and find them invaluable.They offer a good overview with good pictures,and rare watches,there are also some mistakes and double posts but in the cultural desert that is Russian watch literature, as i say they are invaluable.I think you can still buy them through his e.bay Sonnenflash alter ego.

[1]Russische Armbanduhren 1 [ISBN 3-7667-1168-7] German And English]
English [ISBN 0887408737]
Good overview of all the major Russian makers,many pictures mainly circa 70/90`s.Also has a section on Chronometers and aircraft clocks.Good starter book.Slightly less information on Raketa.

[2]Russische Armbanduhren 2 [ISBN 3-7677-1173-3] In German another nice overview,on all makes,slightly more on Chaika and Raketa.

[3]Uhren Aus Russland 96 -SammlerKatalog Nr 7[Russion Watches 1996]
In German Again,i use this a lot has some quite rare watches in from 50`s and 60`s.Has some limited English translations.

[4]Uhren Aus Russland SammlerKatalog Nr 8 [Russian Watches 1997]
German again,with small sections in English mostly watches from 70`s to 90`s,plus section on Russian "Homages".

The other author is Michael Ceyp,I have two books of his both in German,although i believe there were English versions,both difficult to get hold of.

[1]Faszination Russische Uhren [ISBN 3-929-902-24-9]

Again a good overview of Russian watch factories,with a lot of back ground information,although nowhere near as many pictures as Levenbergs books.

[2]Faszination Sowjetische Uhren [ISBN-3931785351]
I use this book regularly contains information and pictures of watches from 30`s to 50`s so is of interest to me.

I just wish there were some more available,maybe Mark Gordon or Ill Phil will bring out a book at some time in the future.Always remember the web sites listed in my favourite links are easy to access via my  links section.

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