Sunday, 14 November 2010

Another Type 1 Received.

Just received this type 1 watch with unadorned movement of a trusted seller.It has the look of a bit of a rush job,[could be understandable,when the historical context of the time is taken into account],I bought this with my eyes open,it was cheap,for a type 1,[prices have been pushed up ] .I am not to sure about its provenance,movement is o.k,hands are correct as is the crown,dial is aged,but unpainted metal,unlike my others,case has a definite question mark over it.I took all these points into consideration before i bought it,i thought i might use for spares,but have decided on reflection to keep it whole,It has a rather rough charm about it,keeps excellent time,until i can find out a bit more about it.
I have some other type 1`s,some quite rare,check out under type 1`s and zvesdas on the right hand links section.

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