Saturday, 23 October 2010

Another Luch Ultra Thin 2209 Added.

I love these 23j Ultra Thins,i have several now,this Luch[Minsk Watch Factory] is in virtualy N.O.S Condition,Bought of a charming seller from Poland,keeps excellent time,very understated,just how i like them..

Antarktida Received.

As i stated in my previous post took  bit of a risk in purchasing this Antarktida,one of my grail watches.What a pleasant surprise,the charming seller from Ukraine managed to deliver in 5 days.Exceptional.
It is everything i had hoped for,the original dial has expected Patina,but is still clearly legible,it even has some very slight lume.Hands are correct,large central seconds hand is correct, though possibly a newer replacement.
Hacking Movement,a modified 1st MWF Pobeda, is functioning accurately and correctly in its 24hr timekeeping,date on movement is 1957,which is i believe correct.
This watch is so rare,possibly only 200 pieces made,that information is hard to come by,i must thank Roberts site ussrwatches for the above information[that's hoping i have read it correctly].

Friday, 22 October 2010

Favourite links. Update.

Just updated favourite links section and added another excellent site for Russian Watches.
www://  Another great reference site.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Grail Purchased.Antarktida.

This watch is so rare,information about it is scant,its a 1st MWF 24h Antarktida,celebrating 1957 South Pole Expedition.It is one of my formost Russian Grail watches.I have taken a bit of a punt [chance] on this.Will furnish more information when watch arrives.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thank You.

Over the weekend have just gone over 2000 `views/visits`on my blog,just wanted to thank everyone for the support and for putting up with my ramblings.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Franken [Fake] Strela Of The Week

About time i did another Strela Franken[Fake] comparison,i seem to get more e.mails about this subject than anything else.I have no problem with sellers listing these watches as redialled ,but it does annoy me when they try to pass them off as original.
The seller of this one is based in Odessa and is claiming the watch to be original with a `Buy It Now` price of £315.
The top picture is of the fake being sold,the second picture down is one of mine for comparison.
Firstly the hour and minute hands are not original,compare with mine.
The dial is,[an increasingly common], Chinese redial.The easiest way to tell these Chinese redials,apart from Font differences,is the the hour baton markers on the dial,are much wider than on the original,compare with mine.
Hope this helps.