Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cyrillic Strela Received.

Just received this Cyrillic strela date 1963/64,I have been looking for one of these,with this type of dial configuration,for some time.I have replaced the large central seconds hand with an original.
Other than that it is in quite glorious original,[note older style rounded lugs]  untouched condition,[unusual for one with this dial type,as i have said before,this and the rarer numbered version,also in my collection,seem to get redialled or retouched,with quite ghastly results].
As is common with these watches,keeps quite amazing time,chronograph functions as it should.
I know some collectors love to have their watches in perfect condition,i am the opposite,i know the dial has aged,the crown worn,but to me,this just makes it extra special,it gives the dial especially a lovely colour and patina,and looks really quite special on the wrist,and of course, reflects its long,treasured history.It will be worn with pride.

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