Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Raketa Thin 2209 cal Added.

These Raketa 2209 Thins are really quite rare[ILL Phil has got an absolute beauty in 14k Gold],i already have a couple of square cased ones,but these round cased ones are becoming harder to find in good condition,i find these unusual movements [upside down,ratchet wheel/winding gear,dial side of movement] fascinating and really rather beautiful.This one looks great on the wrist and keeps superb time.


  1. i recently found a Raketa 2209 movement in a brand new condition Sekonda pocket watch is this also rare?

  2. Hello,
    They make a lovely pocket watch,and are certainly not as common as the run of the mill Sekonda and Molnja pocket watches.They are becoming increasingly rare in exceptional condition.