Saturday, 31 July 2010

Another Zvesda solid silver watch added.

Just received this lovely little Zvesda,a little jewel,has a solid silver case,keeps quite amazing time.Because of there size these watches never seem to fetch any money,but they have an interesting history,[another Russian watch based on a LIP design].
I have quite a few now,and they are a pleasure to own.

Another Raketa 2209 ultra slim added.

I cant seem to stop myself from acquiring these little gems,i have three square ones and another round,all with the 2209 `upside down` movements in.
You really can pick them up relatively cheaply,they look great on the wrist,and as i have said before,i think the movement is a complete joy to look at.
Talking of movements one of my other square Raketas has a particular early example of the Raketa thin movement,just scroll down the right hand side of this blog and click on Raketas.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Raketa Thin 2209 cal Added.

These Raketa 2209 Thins are really quite rare[ILL Phil has got an absolute beauty in 14k Gold],i already have a couple of square cased ones,but these round cased ones are becoming harder to find in good condition,i find these unusual movements [upside down,ratchet wheel/winding gear,dial side of movement] fascinating and really rather beautiful.This one looks great on the wrist and keeps superb time.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Raketa 21j Waffle Dial Added.

Just received this beautiful Raketa with textured/waffle dial[i am always on the lookout for textured dials they are much rarer].The movement is 21j cal2609a.1,which in itself is quite rare.Would have been made late 60`s early 70`s.A nice understated watch in excellent condition,becoming Rare,

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Early Poljot Marked 17j [Sputnik]

I have been looking for one of these early Poljot Marked [Brand] Dials for quite some time,has the little Sputnik styalisation ,to the early Poljot Brand name.
It has the poljot 2414 movement,which is correct.In fact it is extremely hard to find one of these watches in original condition,[as this one is],they often have incorrect hand,case dial/redial.Will put up better pictures when i receive it.

14kt Poljot Ultra Thin.

Just been giving this beautiful Poljot a little clean and service,in my opinion its the perfect dress watch,hardly know your wearing it,keeps quite remarkable time and as with all Russian Gold watches,has that lovely Rose gold colour.
Have teemed it with a very comfortable strap,i tend to wear this alot,i just cant get on with the ghastly modern trend for watches the size of Wales.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sekonda 3017 [Strela] Back from Repair plus 14k Gold Poljot

Just received the Sekonda 3017 Chronograph back from Stephen Burrage,i posted previously about this watch,when i bought it,it was in a sorry state,very incomplete and not working.I was able to supply some parts,hands,one of which i will repaint at a later date,winding stem etc and sent it to Steve more in hope than expectation.
Once again Steve has worked a minor miracle,it turned out the movement had more problems than i at first thought,Steve managed to supply the extra parts and the watch is now working perfectly,keeping excellent time,chronograph resetting perfectly.
I am extremely pleased[another Strela saved from Frankenstein]and its all down to Steve's Patience and expertise.
I also received this 14k Rose Gold Poljot 29j Automatic Back from Steve,it needed a service and is now working perfectly.