Sunday, 27 June 2010

2nd MWF-CHK28-1 Chronograph Pocket Watch Added.

I have been looking for one of these Russian Navy Chronographs for some time,two things have stopped me in the past,price[as ever!]and originality.
This one hits the bulls eye on both counts,very original,and price was extremely reasonable,bought on e.bay using the offer process.
The 2nd MWF is better known as SLAVA and i look forward to receiving it from the outer reaches of the former Soviet empire,will be an important addition to my small Slava stopwatch collection.


  1. Hello there,

    I see we share an interest in Russian watches. In fact I make watches based on the Molnija 3603. Have a look at my blog when you've got a minute.Link-

    This is one of the most distinctive chronographs I have seen (due to its off centre register!). Wasn't this also sold as a Molnija?

    Kind regards

  2. Hello Aditya,
    What a fascinating blog you have,i read it with interest,[and will continue to do so],i am always after watch making tips,to help with my very limited,and sometimes disasterous forays into watch repair.

    Molnija,did do a chronograph pocket watch,late 60`s onward,but it wasnt based on the CHK28-1 movement,it had the 3017 cal movement inside,the same as used in the 1st MWF [Poljot] Strela wrist Chronograph.
    Best Regards,

  3. Hello Russ,

    I am glad you found my blog interesting as, indeed, I find yours. I too have got a tiny collection of Russians (mostly luch 2209s and a few Molnijas). Will post them one of these days.


  4. Hello, I wonder if the crown of your ChK-28 is correct? it looks like a later replacement. Thanks!

  5. Hello,
    Yes well spotted,it did have a later replacement,[i no longer have the watch].
    It no longer features in my collection.Drop down menu on the right of the blog.