Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Two Strelas For Repair.

I have mentioned before,how the price of some Russian watches have gone through the roof.3017 cal Chronographs[Strelas]being a prime example.They have in fact risen beyond my price range,but i still love them and if i want to add to my collection,i must now buy them incomplete or for repair.Luckily i have a few franken and badly damaged 3017`s, which i have purchased over the years cheaply.

I have recently won the two watches above, on e.bay,sellers picture, as you can see,they are incomplete,movements not working,but i am hoping i can at least get the plain Sekonda,[the one i am most interested in], complete and working again.

The plain dialled Strelas are my favourite,completely wearable and understated,my kind of watch.

I`ll keep the blog updated on the progress,it will take some time as i will have to match spares,and then send to Stephen Burrage.

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