Monday, 3 May 2010

Another Pobeda 15j Added.

Just purchased this 15j Pobeda for £13.It never ceases to amaze me how cheaply these historic Pobedas go for.Although i already have a perfect example,i couldn't resist this one,especially,as it is so original,hands,dial movement and particularly the pillow crown.
These watches are always handy,as a last resort as spares for my 15j Sturmanskies.
Talking of original Sturmanskies,Mark Gordon has just found an absolute cracker,with its original paperwork![I am green with envy],see it at his Russian watch site[address under favourite links].


  1. Nice Pobeda - the typeface used for the digits is just great and love the crown too.

    Did you see Ill Phil has just acquired a 17J Sturmanskie as well? it's mechanically indistinguishable from yours - to my eyes anyway.

  2. Hello Piers,many thanks,yes the Pobedas are very underrated.

    What A lovely 17j Sturmanskie,its amazing how Phil finds all of these classic Russian watches.He has a great eye.