Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Franken Of The Week

Another poor old 3017 chronograph,done to death.This time by a known Charlatan[personal experience].
Where to start,clumsy fantasy redial,incorrect crown,wrong Large center seconds hand.
I have had 99% excellent experience with sellers from Eastern Europe,but i would avoid this one like the proverbial plague.A Crook.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Re;Strela Repair.

I have now put missing hands on the plain dialled Sekonda,i am awaiting a crown of 1st MWF Pobeda,i purchased cheaply on e.bay,[a common and cheap source of crowns for 3017 chronographs],the one pictured is a temporary replacement,to move hands easily.As reported in previous entry, When it arrives will send to Stephen Burrage,for repair.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Two Strelas For Repair.

I have mentioned before,how the price of some Russian watches have gone through the roof.3017 cal Chronographs[Strelas]being a prime example.They have in fact risen beyond my price range,but i still love them and if i want to add to my collection,i must now buy them incomplete or for repair.Luckily i have a few franken and badly damaged 3017`s, which i have purchased over the years cheaply.

I have recently won the two watches above, on e.bay,sellers picture, as you can see,they are incomplete,movements not working,but i am hoping i can at least get the plain Sekonda,[the one i am most interested in], complete and working again.

The plain dialled Strelas are my favourite,completely wearable and understated,my kind of watch.

I`ll keep the blog updated on the progress,it will take some time as i will have to match spares,and then send to Stephen Burrage.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Another Pobeda 15j Added.

Just purchased this 15j Pobeda for £13.It never ceases to amaze me how cheaply these historic Pobedas go for.Although i already have a perfect example,i couldn't resist this one,especially,as it is so original,hands,dial movement and particularly the pillow crown.
These watches are always handy,as a last resort as spares for my 15j Sturmanskies.
Talking of original Sturmanskies,Mark Gordon has just found an absolute cracker,with its original paperwork![I am green with envy],see it at his Russian watch site[address under favourite links].