Sunday, 18 April 2010

Zvesdas Recieved.

I have received the bargain Zvesdas i mentioned previously,what a lovely surprise,5 of them ,second picture, are working,and keeping excellent time,the others 3rd picture are spares or repair,excellent practice for my budding watch repair skills.Not!.
These Zvesdas are made by Pensa and Uglitsch watch factories.Of the most interest to me,is the one pictured,top,which has Leningrad logo on the dial and also an interesting motiff,Aircraft?.Or it could just as easily be a mark on the dial!
The e.bay seller i bought them off,is one of the best and very easy to deal with.
I know these little watches are not everyones cup of tea,but to me they shout history,some of the case backs on the spares are nearly worn through because of the amount of use they have had through out all thous years of regular use.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

N.o.s Poljot 17j Added.

Just received this Poljot,in perfect condition,17j 2614 cal`,an absolute bargain,i am always on the lookout for Russian dress type watches,whether they be Classic or Quirky design,as this definitely is.

Very Pleased. It has a dedication on the case back,Academy Architecture Award 1978[Always a bit suspicious of Dedications] which adds to the charm.Keeps excellent time.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

E.bay Buying Spares And Repair

Whilst trying not to concentrate on the negative aspects of e.bay.Here is a positive,i bought this collection of Zvesda[Zwesda] watches,for repair, recently on e.bay for £6.50!.

Now i know one persons treasure is an others rubbish,but to me getting some of these watches up and running and using the others for spares,will give me more pleasure than me buying any amount of Strelas and iconic,and expensive Russian watches.And the history that comes with the Zvesdas is irreplaceable.

Raketa Diver.

I try to wear all of my watches,when i can,normally evenings and weekend.I have always found the more conservative style of Russian watch more to my liking.i.e. the 3017 chronographs,precisions and 14k gold,but at the risk of doing a re post, since purchasing this Raketa Diver,i have been completely won over by it.It is very easy to wear and so practical,you can actually read the dial in all types of light condition,and it isn't,[as with a lot of modern designs]grotesquely overlarge.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Franken Of The Week

This watch currently up to £107! with four days to go[the dreaded `Private Listing `type auction where you can`t see who`s bidding against you,or indeed shill bidding]another good idea e.bay!.
Its worth looking at the auction just for the story contained therein,its like a novel.Unfortunately a fictional one,`Soviet Fast Attack Submarines crew Chronograph` ,If only that where true,it would make Russian watch collecting much more colourful.full marks for effort the seller,
Its a shame really,the lovely movement is a 2nd MWF CHK 28 Chronograph movement these were cased as pocket watches and were used by the Russian Military[note the slightly offset sub-dials].You can see original versions of these on Phill And Marks great sites.go to my links or search section.