Thursday, 25 March 2010

Watch Repairs.

Over the years i think i have had more e.mails asking where to get Russian watch repairs done than anything else.I used to send all of my watches to an absolute Gentleman in Ukraine,but was loath to make any recommendations,because of the varied Postal service in Ukraine and Great Britain!.I lost contact with the watchmaker in Ukraine,after,many,many unanswered e.mails,i sincerely hope nothing untoward happened to him,as i say he was a Gentleman,and i miss the little Historical facts he used to come up with about the Crimean war for example.
I had almost given up looking for a watchmaker in the U.k,to repair my Russian watches,i have lost count of the enquiries i have made,only to have been turned down,sometimes quite dismissively.
I eventually was put in touch with Stephen Burrage at Ryte Time,see favourite links,what a breath of fresh air,he was willing to do repairs,and extremely knowledgeable.Just a couple of things to remember parts are a problem although some are available,but if you can supply a mule it does make it easier,and also have a bit of patience,its quite a long process repairing a watch,be prepared to wait several weeks for completion.



  1. Sad to hear that you lost contact with your old watchmaker. I hope all's well with him. It's nice to to have a reliable watchmaker. I'm still on the lookout for one here, in Mumbai (or anywhere in India, as a matter of fact). I'm happy you've found someone to service your watches. Hope things turn out well :)

  2. Dafyyd Ellis in Porthmadog, Wales has a good reputation amongst the members at Watchuseek's Russian Watch forums.

  3. Hello Dominic,

    Thank you. Yes, i keep meaning to send him some watches for repair, since Steve retired.