Saturday, 27 March 2010

Poljot & Luch Slims Received

Just Received Super slims,Beautiful Condition,will find some quality straps to put on[i always think a quality strap matters].Very Pleased.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Watch Repairs.

Over the years i think i have had more e.mails asking where to get Russian watch repairs done than anything else.I used to send all of my watches to an absolute Gentleman in Ukraine,but was loath to make any recommendations,because of the varied Postal service in Ukraine and Great Britain!.I lost contact with the watchmaker in Ukraine,after,many,many unanswered e.mails,i sincerely hope nothing untoward happened to him,as i say he was a Gentleman,and i miss the little Historical facts he used to come up with about the Crimean war for example.
I had almost given up looking for a watchmaker in the U.k,to repair my Russian watches,i have lost count of the enquiries i have made,only to have been turned down,sometimes quite dismissively.
I eventually was put in touch with Stephen Burrage at Ryte Time,see favourite links,what a breath of fresh air,he was willing to do repairs,and extremely knowledgeable.Just a couple of things to remember parts are a problem although some are available,but if you can supply a mule it does make it easier,and also have a bit of patience,its quite a long process repairing a watch,be prepared to wait several weeks for completion.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Ultra Slims added.

Just bought these Two watches off e.bay, from the same seller,under the offer process.I am always on the lookout for super slims,must be in excellent condition,so was pleasently surprised to find the Poljot De Luxe and particularly the Luch[Ray],i have been looking for a Luch with this dial type for some time. I am still looking for a Pennant to add to the collection.For some reason it is quite hard to find luch and pennant with the older dial type in good condition.Both the new acquisitions come with the 23 jewel 2209 movement.I have used the sellers pictures,will take some fresh ones when they arrive.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Ultra Slims

Simply,to my taste,one of the most elegant and wearable watches the USSR ever made,cal2209 23 jewel,still relatively cheap,although the black dialled ones in good condition are creeping up.I have several[only black dialled gold plated and 14k gold pictured].Although i am never likely to ever get,one of my grails,the Ultra Ultra Thin,cal2200 17 jewels,so slim the bridges deformed,i never thought i would ever get to see one,until Mark Gordon added one to his excellent site,its even got a 14k gold case.Go take a look,the address is in my favourite links.

The two of mine i have pictured,are differant sizes,the black gold plated case,70`s, is about 35mm not including crown,and is a more common size.The other 14k gold is older,60`s,and about 32mm not incuding crown.I have always found them to be extremely reliable watches,with excellent time keeping properties,out of all of my Russian watches,these always seem to get the most appreciation when worn,especially the black one,simple,elegant and understated and more importantly to me nowadays extremely functional and easy to see.Keep an eye out you might bag a bargain.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Where to buy Vintage Russians?

Difficult.Although it comes in for a lot of criticism. e.bay is the obvious place,i have estimated that 90% of my collection has been bought on e.bay,either directly or through contacts i have made because of it.As for the individual e.bayers themselves,they have been predominately,Ukranian,Bulgarian And Russian, of whom i can only give good reports,in fact the only real problems i have had are with a minority of British and American sellers who`s cynicism was breathtaking.
Having said that,Buyer Beware, always do your research,there is no excuse now not to.There are two excellent resources in Mark Gordons comprehensive site and ill phils site.
I know,especially now,a lot of sellers are selling some interesting concoctions and exotic creations,but they always have excellent pictures and information is easily to hand so if in doubt don`t buy.There are still bargains out there,an important point to me because i have a very limited budget.As an an example i bought the Raketa Diver recently for a very reasonable amount.
I would just like to mention one other point,watch forums are an invaluable source of help,information and watches for sale.
[] a knowledgable forum.
Anyway best of luck on your Russian Watch hunting,its always very satisfying to find a little gem somewhere.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Franken Strela of The Week

Franken Strela OF The Week.

This Franken is already up to £75 with 6 days to go.Sold for£336.69! Frightening.And surprise surprise he has another for sale.This seller is based in Israel and is claiming the watch to be original,wich is disingeneous so say the least.
Where do we start,Dial is a copy probably made in China,note the extra wide hour battons,compaired with one of my originals,the large center seconds hand is incorrect[almost impossible to get a new one],in fact the large batton markers are always a dead givaway on the recent influx of chinese dials.Beware.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hello and welcome,i have been collecting Russian watches for several years,i am interested in the history of Russian watches particularly,space military and social. I dont collect all types Of Russian watches,just the ones i like,ones that i find wearable,and not to over the top,particularly,3017 chronos,rose gold and automatic
and precision watches from the 50`s/60`s and seventies,i also have a hankering for some of the iconic early chronographs,[a bit out of my league],still we live in hope.I have never done a blog before so if it looks like a car crash please bare with me,hopefully it will evolve with time.