Friday, 31 December 2010

Antarktida On A New Bund Strap.

I have finally found a bund style strap for the Antarktida,even though the lug width is slightly oversize.I never had problems in the past finding bund straps,but recently its been a struggle to find quality ones,with smaller lug widths.I think this goes back to the unfathomable modern trend,to have a watch,the size,and elegance.of a large kitchen table on your wrist. .

Happy New Year.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.I would also like to thank everyone for all the kind comments and e.mails i have received over the previous months,its always a pleasure to chat to fellow Russian Watch collectors.
Best Regards,

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Another Vostok Precision Class Added.

Just received this Vostok Precision,[late 60`s early 70`s,its in great condition.As ever,keeping quite superb time.I have a fair few precisions now,i find them very wearable.Superb watches.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Druzhba [Drujba] Received.

Just received the Druzhba[Friendship],an absolute joy,much better than expected,[which is not unusual for this particular seller,who is based in Ukraine],keeps excellent time and totally original .Made by Tschistopolsky watch factory 1959,cal 2604,to celebrate 1st exhibition Soviet cultural achievements Beijing 1954.This is another type of Russian watch, i didnt think i would ever be able to afford,a few have been surfacing recently,some prohibitively expensive.

Slava [2nd MWF] 21j Watch Received

Just Received this lovely Slava Dress watch,has a 21 jewel cal 2414,keeps excellent time,it also has a touching tribute on the case back.I have a soft spot for all the types of  square cased,Russian watches.They tend to be very cheap, look great on the wrist and are absolute bargains.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Awaiting Druzhba.

I am awaiting delivery of this Druzhba,[Chinese friendship watch],of a trusted seller.These are the sellers pictures.I put in a speculative low bid,[just over £60],not expecting to win it,but,was amazed when i did.Its totally correct,the only down side is the dial showing some age,considering this is another one, on my Grail list, i am  overjoyed with the the price,.

I have to operate under a very strict budget,so was over the moon to win this watch,it just goes to show you can still grab a,relative, bargain

Another Type 1 Received.

Just received this type 1 watch with unadorned movement of a trusted seller.It has the look of a bit of a rush job,[could be understandable,when the historical context of the time is taken into account],I bought this with my eyes open,it was cheap,for a type 1,[prices have been pushed up ] .I am not to sure about its provenance,movement is o.k,hands are correct as is the crown,dial is aged,but unpainted metal,unlike my others,case has a definite question mark over it.I took all these points into consideration before i bought it,i thought i might use for spares,but have decided on reflection to keep it whole,It has a rather rough charm about it,keeps excellent time,until i can find out a bit more about it.
I have some other type 1`s,some quite rare,check out under type 1`s and zvesdas on the right hand links section.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Another Luch Ultra Thin 2209 Added.

I love these 23j Ultra Thins,i have several now,this Luch[Minsk Watch Factory] is in virtualy N.O.S Condition,Bought of a charming seller from Poland,keeps excellent time,very understated,just how i like them..

Antarktida Received.

As i stated in my previous post took  bit of a risk in purchasing this Antarktida,one of my grail watches.What a pleasant surprise,the charming seller from Ukraine managed to deliver in 5 days.Exceptional.
It is everything i had hoped for,the original dial has expected Patina,but is still clearly legible,it even has some very slight lume.Hands are correct,large central seconds hand is correct, though possibly a newer replacement.
Hacking Movement,a modified 1st MWF Pobeda, is functioning accurately and correctly in its 24hr timekeeping,date on movement is 1957,which is i believe correct.
This watch is so rare,possibly only 200 pieces made,that information is hard to come by,i must thank Roberts site ussrwatches for the above information[that's hoping i have read it correctly].

Friday, 22 October 2010

Favourite links. Update.

Just updated favourite links section and added another excellent site for Russian Watches.
www://  Another great reference site.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Grail Purchased.Antarktida.

This watch is so rare,information about it is scant,its a 1st MWF 24h Antarktida,celebrating 1957 South Pole Expedition.It is one of my formost Russian Grail watches.I have taken a bit of a punt [chance] on this.Will furnish more information when watch arrives.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thank You.

Over the weekend have just gone over 2000 `views/visits`on my blog,just wanted to thank everyone for the support and for putting up with my ramblings.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Franken [Fake] Strela Of The Week

About time i did another Strela Franken[Fake] comparison,i seem to get more e.mails about this subject than anything else.I have no problem with sellers listing these watches as redialled ,but it does annoy me when they try to pass them off as original.
The seller of this one is based in Odessa and is claiming the watch to be original with a `Buy It Now` price of £315.
The top picture is of the fake being sold,the second picture down is one of mine for comparison.
Firstly the hour and minute hands are not original,compare with mine.
The dial is,[an increasingly common], Chinese redial.The easiest way to tell these Chinese redials,apart from Font differences,is the the hour baton markers on the dial,are much wider than on the original,compare with mine.
Hope this helps.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cyrillic Strela Received.

Just received this Cyrillic strela date 1963/64,I have been looking for one of these,with this type of dial configuration,for some time.I have replaced the large central seconds hand with an original.
Other than that it is in quite glorious original,[note older style rounded lugs]  untouched condition,[unusual for one with this dial type,as i have said before,this and the rarer numbered version,also in my collection,seem to get redialled or retouched,with quite ghastly results].
As is common with these watches,keeps quite amazing time,chronograph functions as it should.
I know some collectors love to have their watches in perfect condition,i am the opposite,i know the dial has aged,the crown worn,but to me,this just makes it extra special,it gives the dial especially a lovely colour and patina,and looks really quite special on the wrist,and of course, reflects its long,treasured history.It will be worn with pride.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Incoming early 3017. Strela.

As i have mentioned before,i have a particular interest in 3017 chronographs,Ultra Thins,14k Rose Gold watches,Vostok/Volna precisions and early Type 1`s.Unfortunately limited funds preclude me from buying indiscriminately,but now and again something comes a long from a trusted seller that i can afford.

I am awaiting delivery of an early 3017 chronograph[Strela],of a dial configuration,i have been after for some time.It will not be perfect,these early ones seem to be particularly susceptible to ageing.In fact if you are offered a perfect one,be very suspicious,and check it out thoughLy,by checking against my strelas listed on the pages section on the right hand side,or,even better use Ill Phils or Mark Gordons excellent web sites, listed again,on the right hand side,under `favourite links` .

I will post pictures when received.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Sekonda with vostok 18j movement.

Just received this Sekonda,spent sometime considering whether to buy it, because of the slightly rough application of lume,[this was common on some of the Sekondas and Poljots,towards the end of production].I am very pleased with it though,looks great on the wrist,comes with a Vostok cal 2214 18j movement,which is correct.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Another Vostok Precision added.

Just received this Vostok Precision,joining the others in my collection,its in quite excellent condition,as you would expect from[an admittedly underrated]Chronometer,it keeps superior time.

These Vostok/Volna Precisions were tested to Chronometer standards,[slightly different to COSC],10 Days testing instead of 15,temperature 0`c, +20`C, + 40`C.
Note the Micro regulator on Balance Cock.

I bought this watch from an extremely trusted seller and am very pleased with it,have put it on a rather sudden,quality ,Ostrich strap.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Another Zvesda solid silver watch added.

Just received this lovely little Zvesda,a little jewel,has a solid silver case,keeps quite amazing time.Because of there size these watches never seem to fetch any money,but they have an interesting history,[another Russian watch based on a LIP design].
I have quite a few now,and they are a pleasure to own.

Another Raketa 2209 ultra slim added.

I cant seem to stop myself from acquiring these little gems,i have three square ones and another round,all with the 2209 `upside down` movements in.
You really can pick them up relatively cheaply,they look great on the wrist,and as i have said before,i think the movement is a complete joy to look at.
Talking of movements one of my other square Raketas has a particular early example of the Raketa thin movement,just scroll down the right hand side of this blog and click on Raketas.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Raketa Thin 2209 cal Added.

These Raketa 2209 Thins are really quite rare[ILL Phil has got an absolute beauty in 14k Gold],i already have a couple of square cased ones,but these round cased ones are becoming harder to find in good condition,i find these unusual movements [upside down,ratchet wheel/winding gear,dial side of movement] fascinating and really rather beautiful.This one looks great on the wrist and keeps superb time.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Raketa 21j Waffle Dial Added.

Just received this beautiful Raketa with textured/waffle dial[i am always on the lookout for textured dials they are much rarer].The movement is 21j cal2609a.1,which in itself is quite rare.Would have been made late 60`s early 70`s.A nice understated watch in excellent condition,becoming Rare,

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Early Poljot Marked 17j [Sputnik]

I have been looking for one of these early Poljot Marked [Brand] Dials for quite some time,has the little Sputnik styalisation ,to the early Poljot Brand name.
It has the poljot 2414 movement,which is correct.In fact it is extremely hard to find one of these watches in original condition,[as this one is],they often have incorrect hand,case dial/redial.Will put up better pictures when i receive it.

14kt Poljot Ultra Thin.

Just been giving this beautiful Poljot a little clean and service,in my opinion its the perfect dress watch,hardly know your wearing it,keeps quite remarkable time and as with all Russian Gold watches,has that lovely Rose gold colour.
Have teemed it with a very comfortable strap,i tend to wear this alot,i just cant get on with the ghastly modern trend for watches the size of Wales.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sekonda 3017 [Strela] Back from Repair plus 14k Gold Poljot

Just received the Sekonda 3017 Chronograph back from Stephen Burrage,i posted previously about this watch,when i bought it,it was in a sorry state,very incomplete and not working.I was able to supply some parts,hands,one of which i will repaint at a later date,winding stem etc and sent it to Steve more in hope than expectation.
Once again Steve has worked a minor miracle,it turned out the movement had more problems than i at first thought,Steve managed to supply the extra parts and the watch is now working perfectly,keeping excellent time,chronograph resetting perfectly.
I am extremely pleased[another Strela saved from Frankenstein]and its all down to Steve's Patience and expertise.
I also received this 14k Rose Gold Poljot 29j Automatic Back from Steve,it needed a service and is now working perfectly.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

2nd MWF-CHK28-1 Chronograph Pocket Watch Added.

I have been looking for one of these Russian Navy Chronographs for some time,two things have stopped me in the past,price[as ever!]and originality.
This one hits the bulls eye on both counts,very original,and price was extremely reasonable,bought on e.bay using the offer process.
The 2nd MWF is better known as SLAVA and i look forward to receiving it from the outer reaches of the former Soviet empire,will be an important addition to my small Slava stopwatch collection.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Another Poljot 3017 Chronograph [Strela] Added

Just received this Beautiful 3017 Chronograph,virtually unmarked,keeps perfect time,as usual.
It has a late movement,so would have been made near the end of 3017 production.
I bought it through the offer process on e.bay.
The seller was an absolute Gentleman,and the transaction was seamless.
If you want to see all of my 3017 Chronographs,just scroll down the page on the right hand side..

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Another Original 15j Sturmanskie added.

My favourite Russian Watch,i just cant resist them,if they are at a reasonable price[for an original Sturmanskie].I bought this under the offer system on e.bay,on the understanding it needed an original and more Sympathetic set of hands,[which i had].

I think there has been a gentle attempt to relume the dial numbers at some time,i don't mind that in the least though.Along with the aged dial,it just adds to its charm.

Its all original,correct hacking, date stamped movement[4m-31ya],pillow crown,dial and hands,keeps excellent time.

I now have three of these,all priceless,[to me],pieces of Russian Military history.

Pictures are before and after.

I will be putting a quality strap on shortly.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Franken Of The Week

Another poor old 3017 chronograph,done to death.This time by a known Charlatan[personal experience].
Where to start,clumsy fantasy redial,incorrect crown,wrong Large center seconds hand.
I have had 99% excellent experience with sellers from Eastern Europe,but i would avoid this one like the proverbial plague.A Crook.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Re;Strela Repair.

I have now put missing hands on the plain dialled Sekonda,i am awaiting a crown of 1st MWF Pobeda,i purchased cheaply on e.bay,[a common and cheap source of crowns for 3017 chronographs],the one pictured is a temporary replacement,to move hands easily.As reported in previous entry, When it arrives will send to Stephen Burrage,for repair.