Monday, 14 January 2019

Czechoslovakian Military Issued Pobeda.

Czechoslovakian Military Issued Pobeda.

This is the second Pobeda i have bought from the same seller from Czechoslovakia. Thank you order-1939. The first i restored, this one is in much better condition. In both instances the seller gave me super deals.

Another welcome surprise, was the nice aged leather bund strap that came with the watch,unusually for a bund, it is very comfortable and just has the "look2.

This is my third Issued Pobeda a very welcome addition to the collection.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

14k Rose Gold Raketa Repair.

Have just managed to get the time to effect a repair to the 14k gold Cal;2209 Raketa.

It wasn't so much a repair as a straight forward movement swap, i don`t claim to be a watchmaker, rather a very amateur, amateur.....

As you can see from the first picture when i affected the movement swap, it was in my normal state of total disorganized chaos.

However the watch is now running, very well, great time keeper.

Really lovely watch to wear on the wrist. [Thin indeed].

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Extremely Rare. Slava.[2nd MWF]. 114ChN Electric Watch.

 Extremely Rare Slava. 114ChN Electric Watch.

Firstly, once again, i must thank Slava for a seamless  friendly and knowledgeable transaction.

I had almost given up hope in finding this extremely rare watch. Much rarer than the relatively common place Slava electronika, Aesthetically, so much more pleasing, as well, with its beautiful guilloche dial .

Their is a common misconception, that these watches were a direct copy of the Hamilton 500. In fact they were a combination of the Hamilton 500 and Epperelein 100.

An added bonus is that it is working perfectly and in excellent condition.

A most important addition to the collection, and as i say,and one that i thought would be most unlikely to happen.

Monday, 31 December 2018

14k Rose Gold Cyrillic Poljot 23j Automatic Watch

14k Rose Gold Cyrillic Poljot 23j Automatic.

I received this watch, some months ago,[Forgot To post on blog......] from a great seller from Poland, who was new to ebay with zero feedback, so perhaps this put some people off buying?The price was very reasonable.

The watch is running seamlessly, with its beautiful, rose gold case, in excellent condition, with hallmarks clearly ledgible, [not always the case on this particular version], with the added bonus off a charming inscription.

The dial has a small blemish at 5 o clock, which i would normally leave, but could possibly be improved with careful cleaning.

A great Addition.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Vostok Precision .Cal;2809. 22j

 Vostok Precision, Cal; 2809 22j.

This precision, is one of the more un common versions of the cal;2809.

They seems to suffer from ageing to the dial. This watch, although not NOS, is in really rather good condition.

It was very cheap.the precision's are still,a relative, bargain. I was surprised it stayed on ebay,for so long......

A very welcome and quite rare addition to the growing Cal;2809, precision collection.

I will add a picture of the movement, at a later date.

Monday, 24 December 2018

14k Rose Gold Raketa Cal;2209.

14k Rose Gold Raketa. Cal;2209.

This watch was purchased non running. It was cheap. However the import charges our wonderful government, charge are not....

I love the Raketa cal; 2209, particularly in Rose gold and i am very pleased to have it.

These watches look very understated on the wrist, especially when paired with a quality thin leather strap.

I have a donor watch arriving, anytime soon, then i will effect a repair.

Will update when finished.

Raketa cal;2209 in box.

Raketa cal;2209 in box.

Still can`t believe how cheap these Raketas are.This one is in beautiful condition and was bought off the ebau offer process, very reasonably.

However the quirky Raketa cal;2209 movement is known to be fragile, from personal experience, so questions need to be asked of the seller if you think of buying one. Particular attention needs to be paid to the winding setting complication.