Saturday, 23 May 2020

Thin Times...Another Sekonda De lux, Cal;2209

Another Sekonda Cal 2209 with [correct] Luch Movement. Would have been made in the 70`s.

I bought this watch, for the grand sum of £27. The picture of the dial, does not do it justice. The dial is unmarked.

I did however change the case for a spare i had in better condition.

As i have said before these watches are extremely undervalued, would be very easy to base a collection on this movement.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Sekonda De Lux Cal;2209 Thin.

Sekonda de lux Cal;2209. Thin.

Sometimes the purchase of a simple cheap watch, gives me more pleasure, than any number of compressors or Anarktida`s...

I originally bought this watch, of a lovely seller.[Thank you the thriftygent.] To be used for spares for the Poljot de lux i am repairing. [I had forgotten, i had given away most of my 2209 spares to a chap in Arabia].

When i received the watch, what a lovely surprise. The watch is in excellent condition. Extremely original, including crystal and keeping supreme time.

Just reminds me why i love these Russian, 2209`s. So easy to wear, just a lovely, understated watch, and an absolute bargain. Needless to say it will not be used for spares..

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Poljot De Lux Cal;2209 Thin. Restoration.

Poljot De Lux Cal;2209 Thin. Restoration.

I have so many "projects" In my watch box, i simply, never have had the time to complete.

Well i certainly have time on my hands now. Decided to start with this Poljot de lux, there are several versions of this watch. This is the best. As you can see the movement is incomplete. Luckily i have quite a few spares for The 1st MWF cal ;2209, despite helping out fellow collectors in the past with spares., i think i can effect a repair.

When complete, will update.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Wearing one of my Okeahs

Wearing one of my Okeahs today. This one is a bit bashed about. Had a few repairs would happen in a genuine watch. One of the replacement parts is the bezel. It originally had a reproduction, purple bezel from the 80`,[ i gave that to Matt Brace], i am starting to think, it was probably original to the watch. I had always thought the purple bezel and white lime had gone with the earlier Okeah dial type, with the small font.
The one above is rare. With different case design, and 3132 movement. !

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Some Polar Antarctic Commemorative watches.

Some Polar Antarctic Commemorative Watches.

I would love to have more of these. The Russians went in for some very unusual commemorative designs, certainly not boring....Very Hard to find.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Revisiting Extremely Rare 1938 1st MWF Aircraft clock.

During this time of enforced idleness, though i would revisit some of the Rare and interesting items in my collection, over the coming weeks.

1938 1st MWF Aircraft Clock.This is an extremely rare clock. One of the first versions of the famous Russian "MIG" clock. Taken from Jaeger`s original Chronoflight  version, of the 30`s.

The Russians started manufacture in about 1937.

As you can see from the first picture, the movement is gold plated, [sellers picture]. One anachronism regarding this movement, is the lower minute  dial runs backwards.

Astonishingly the clock still keeps immaculate time and all its functions work perfectly.

Just a word about the seller. I have heard a lot about Ukrainian Franken sellers, and how not to buy of them. Well....this particular seller has always had some really way out frankens, but, occasionally has some gems. If you take the time to do your research, no seller should be out of bounds. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Extremely Rare. Raketa Polar. Antarktida.16 SAE. "Polarnie".Cal;2609 K5. Antarctic.

Raketa Antarktida 16 SAE "Polarnie". With early Cal;2609k5 precursor to Cal 2623 Movement.

I honestly Didn't think i would ever see one of these, let alone, own one.
This historical Russian watch, is eye wateringly Rare, especially in this condition, almost unmarked and completely original..

Comes with a very early precursor Movement. Running Seamlessly.

With regard to the movement. I had discussions with the vendors regarding the cal;2609 installed and not Cal; 2623. They were convinced of its originality,[I have always had much respect for there depth of knowledge] it would have been easy to swap the bridge over to Cal; 2623. But I preferred to keep it, as found, and preserve it`s authenticity.

Another watch, that has anecdotal evidence of expedition use. I couldn't possibly say, if this one had such history.

Like my other version, pictured below, it is incredibly well constructed, The crystal screws into the the case via a ring.This does give the watch, some degree of dust and water proofing. The watch is completely original and untouched.It would have been manufactured in 1970.

A really great and unexpected, addition to the collection. Once again, my thanks must go to Slava.