Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Extremely Rare. Raketa Antarktida.16 SAE. "Polarnie".Cal;2609 K5. Antarctic.

Raketa Antarktida 16 SAE "Polarnie". With early Cal;2609k5 precursor to Cal 2623 Movement.

I honestly Didn't think i would ever see one of these, let alone, own one.
This historical Russian watch, is eye wateringly Rare, especially in this condition, almost unmarked and completely original..

Comes with a very early precursor Movement. Running Seamlessly.

With regard to the movement. I had discussions with the vendors regarding the cal;2609 installed and not Cal; 2623. They were convinced of its originality,[I have always had much respect for there depth of knowledge] it would have been easy to swap the bridge over to Cal; 2623. But I preferred to keep it, as found, and preserve it`s authenticity.

Another watch, that has anecdotal evidence of expedition use. I couldn't possibly say, if this one had such history.

Like my other version, pictured below, it is incredibly well constructed, The crystal screws into the the case via a ring.This does give the watch, some degree of dust and water proofing. The watch is completely original and untouched.It would have been manufactured in 1970.

A really great and unexpected, addition to the collection. Once again, my thanks must go to Slava.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Extremely Rare Addition To The Collection?

Been looking for this watch for a very long time.
Its a Brother to a watch i already have...?

Will update when it arrives.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Rare. Vostok Precision Textured °Tartan°Dial. Cal; 2809

Just Received this Rare Vostok Precision Cal; 2809.

This has been on ebay for some time. I have made several offers for it, in that time, none successful....
The seller, [ Thank You Sputnique59], eventually lowered the asking price, gently So, i could not resist. Still quite expensive though...for a precision.

This particular Precision is rare and really quite difficult to find so i am pleased with its eventual purchase.

A nice addition to the collection.

Check out the rest of my precisions. Right hand side of the home page und collection.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Rare.1st MWF, Poljot, Anniversary 40 years Polar Aviation.

Another great watch from Slava. Thank You.

I am always looking for these commemorative Polar/Antarctic watches. I have several, but are becoming more and more difficult and expensive... to find.

This one is similar to one i already have. This one is in much better condition. Unlike my other one, it has the 17j cal;2609 as opposed to the cal; 2209 .Both are original and correct.

You can find the cal;2209 in the drop down collection menu, to the right of the home page under commemorative watches,

Another great addition to the collection.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Volna Precision. Cal;2809. Illustrated Dial. 3rd Q 58

Volna Precision Cal;2809. Illustrated dial.3rd Q 58.

As with most precision's This was cheap. [extremely cheap].This is an early version, The dial normally deteriorates badly on this  type. So i suspect, at the very least some restoration has gone on. I also had to replace the case back with a spare i had.

Runs superbly. A happy addition to the collection.

A few minor rarities coming up soon....

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Remembrance Sunday.Isaac Rosenberg, Through These Pale Cold Days.

Isaac Rosenberg. Died Somme. 1 st April 1918

Through These Pale Cold Days.

Through these pale cold days
What dark faces burn
Out of three thousand Years,
And their wild eyes yearn.

While underneath their brows
Like waifs their spirits grope
For the pools of Hebron again-
For Lebbanons summer slope

They leave these blond still days
In dust behind their tread
They see with living eyes
How long they have been Dead.

Raketa Early Cal;2603 Rare case.

Raketa Early Cal; 2603 in Rare case.

An understated Raketa, from the best period of Russian watchmaking [60`s]. Again thank you Ilya for a seamless deal under the ebay "offer" process.

Watch is running well, with its early Cal 2603 movement, Note the Narrow Chamfered edge to the movement.

Comes with a charming inscription on case back.

A quality strap will be sourced, for this lovely watch.