Friday, 16 November 2018

1st MWF. Sekonda Cal;3017.[Strela].

1st MWF. Sekonda, Cal;3017. 19 jewels.

My favorite Russian Chronograph. [Much preferred to the agricultural 3133]. It was not cheap, they never are these days....But was not expensive compared to 3017`s on buy it now prices...

Condition is good, keeps good time, but it badly needs a service.[UK Purchase]. Never seems to happen with Ukraine/Russian purchases...

Nice movement from the mid 60`s.

This particular type of 3017, has space history. [allegedly]. Who knows.

You can see more 3017`s in my collection, using the drop down links section on the right of my home page.


  1. The 3017, always legendary, I am yet to get one of 3017 watches ;)

  2. Yes. The days of getting them for £20, are sadly, over.[I still remember those happy days].

  3. That's dreaming, for such price. But I guess rather easy in UK when comes to getting Sekonda.

  4. I am afraid i am spending a lot of my time in the past!
    I have been collecting Russian watches, on and off, for a long time. Longer than this blog;
    Unbelievable, as it may sound,the price range ,when i first started collecting, for 3017`s, was £20/£100.....
    If only i had known then......

  5. I am fairly new, but again the Russian watches starting price are cheap, and still are comparing to swiss watches today, I guess that gives the space to grow and inflate. As for now we can see 3017 stays at around 300-500USD (subjected to condition and dial design).