Thursday, 23 February 2017

Moskva Watch

What can i say. This beautiful original Moskva watch, Its in great condition keeping good time and all for £10. Sometimes these little deals come along, and it is more enjoyable, than any number of iconic watches,

The seller, new to me , was exemplary, and managed to get the watch to me in record time from Ukraine.

A treasure.

Monday, 6 February 2017

1st MWF Poljot cal; 3017 Chronograph

1st MWF Cal;3017 Chronograph. I love these simple minute register chronographs, again simplicity of design is everything.

Unfortunately the watch has many faults,conveniently not stated by the seller!

I have spoken before about my experiences of european and north american sellers[not all],there Cynicism can be quite breathtaking, this watch was bought of a seller from Canada.

Give me sellers from the former Eastern block and Russia, Anytime.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Volna Precision, With textured dial. Cal;2809

Once again. No surprise on this purchase. Beautiful, textured dial Volna Precision, Cal; 2809.
These watches, can still be purchased very cheaply. Harder to find in excellent original condition, like this one though.

Bought off a seller from Ukraine, i have used several times before, all with good results. Keeps great time.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Present From Mischa.

Sometimes, in life, something happens to leave one totally overwhelmed. This is such an occasion.

I have known Mischa for some years, in that time i have seen him build up a once in a life time collection, only for it to be tragically stolen, from his Moscow flat. Through out this time through good and bad , he has always kept an admirable positive perspective on life. [Something that would have been beyond me].

Imagine my surprise, to receive through the post,[out of the blue], a package from Mischa, as a gift, containing, some complete watches and incredibly rare spare parts, as i say, i was completely overwhelmed.

I will use the parts, in future projects. which i would never sell. [Some years ago Mischa sent me as a gift A beautiful Rare NOS Luch 22j watch, which until recently, until i started collecting again, was the only Russian watch i had left and would obviously never sell]

Thank you Mischa. You are a Gentleman. [An increasingly rare breed]

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

1st MWF Hacking ["Issued"] Sturmanskie Cal;31659 Chronograph.

1st MWF Sturmanskie cal;31659 Hacking. I bought this watch incredibly cheaply. It also came with an original Poljot Bracelet,[just prefer to wear a leather strap].I might put the original metal strap on, it just looks better.

This a second generation version,with blue infill dial, quite early movement with date on bridge.
Unusually it has its original crystal,which has come up a treat with a bit of polywatch,stainless steel case back and pushers, are very good.

I have put the issued in brackets and quotes,because, but of course, this is total conjecture!. The only genuine Russian issued watches i know of, that can be verified, are the original 15j Sturmanskies.

The only draw back with the watch, is that unfortunately, the indices have been relumed, at some time, in the past. It keeps great time though,chronograph operates faultlessly .

One of my most missed watches.

There are still bargains out there.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cyrillic Poljot Kosmos. 29j Automatic, Date Pointer.

Poljot Cyrillic 29j Automatic, date pointer. Bought as part of a job lot. My favourite Poljot  29j Watch, from my favourite Russian watch making period. The 60`s.
This ones in beautiful, correct condition, with the early snap on back.
Keeps superlative time.

Friday, 13 January 2017

1st MWF Vymple . Cal;2209 . 23 Jewel.

1st MWF. Cal;2209 Vymple.
I think the pictures speak for themselves.My favourite Russian Watchmaking Period.
Simple, cultivated design, speaks volumes,
And taste, in this instance....comes incredibly cheap.